Winters and Gulab Jamuns

gulab jamun jammu High On Food
When it comes to sweet, visuals of extreme sweet strike me. I begin thinking of sweet all around, sweet lunch, sweet breakfast, sweet dinner, sweet skies and that irritates me and I have this feeling, "Yikes! That's too much sweet!" And this holds true for all the sweets, I can't have more than one, maximum two. But when it comes to Winters, it reverses. Just like Jammu becomes the winter capital, I become the sweet glutton. I actually start enjoying the sweet delicacies. Gajar ka halwa or Ga...

Night of the Yech

Khecher Khichdi High On Food
It was late evening around 9 tonight, when I entered the main hall. I was welcomed with a rich aroma of Khecher (khichdi). Mom finished cooking Khichdi (with moong dal) and roganjosh. Monj Anchar (kohlrabi pickle) looked delicious. We were all ready to perform an ancient Kashmiri ritual, Khich Mavas. Khichdi is served with radish and cooked meat and is offered to Yech, usually kept on the roof. Vegetarians make khichdi with Nedur Churma (fried lotus stem chips) and/or spicy potatoes. Thi...

A restaurant that serves in a living room

Zeera RIce- Home Made By Tasneem- High On Food
I have been living homeless from a loooong time now (Don’t point out the extra o’s) and what I dearly miss is the ambiance, the family eating together, the talks and of course, the food. Home Made By Tasneem is a concept where you Eat out the authentic Bohra Food at Home and by home, I literally meant at home. "You can't wash your hands in the basin. I will bring the lota. Its the complete tradition", says Tasneem, the chef and the discussion is immediately supported by her daughter, Alifi...

A lazy Sunday Brunch

Desserts Fratelli Fresh at Renaissance Powai- High On Food
Eating out is not just about food anymore, it's about the complete experience. That is where, hotels like Renaissance create experience for you and an experience is a great experience if it has a perfect combination of  Food, ambiance, service, decor and value for money. My recent visit to Fratelli Fresh at Renaissance, Powai was indeed a good one! The food spread at Fratelli Fresh was undoubtedly one of the biggest spreads I have seen. All kinds of cheese was available...

5 of the best Street Foods in Jammu that you must try

Gulgule in Jammu - High On Food
It breaks my heart! As if no one cares about it. The reason that I am heart broken and sad is all because of lack of promotion of Jammu Food. Everybody who comes to enjoy his vacation in Jammu and Kashmir usually plan for Katra, Vaishno Devi and Srinagar of course! So, tourists hardly get a chance to explore the local food of Jammu. Luckily, I have lived in Jammu for good time now and possibly covered most of the street food ( Ofcourse, I have not! I am still hungry) Jammu has variet...

The Lost delicacy of Jammu and Kashmir, Kanaguchhi Morel Mushrooms

Kanaguchhi Morel Mushrooms Detailed View 2- High On Food
When enquired at a local Dry Fruit Store in Jammu about Guchhi Mushrooms, the shopkeeper gave me a raised eyebrows look as If I asked his ATM Pin Number. Next what happened: He called his most reliable employee, handed him the key and told to bring the white envelope bag from the cupboard. Then he rubs the Chirag and pulls out the mushrooms. "Achcha lagta hai aajkal ke Young log ye sab kharidte hain"  (Feels good when young people like you ask for such stuff) The Shopkeeper was delig...

Not the world’s tastiest Vegetarian Snack, Misal at Aaswad, Shivaji Nagar

Misal Pav Aaswad Shivaji Park High On Food
"Misal Pav at Aaswad has been awarded the tastiest vegetarian dish in the world" You can find more here. Aaswad Restaurant located near Shivaji Park, serves authentic Maharashtrian food. I was there last night to find out what makes the Aaswad's Misal the tastiest snack in the world. From the first bite of the Misal to the last bite of the Kharvas, let's dive deep into the world of Aaswad. Aaswad's Misal Pav   Don't get me wrong! The Misal felt quite ok. I couldn't replace th...

Never Ending Love for Naaz Hotel

Chicken Kadai Naaz Hotel- High On Food
Some of my College rather "hostel" memories (2011 to 2013) have been closely associated with Naaz Hotel, Kurla. I remember my very first day at the Vidyavihar Hostel of Somaiya. Rai, "Chal aaj Naaz mein Chicken khaate hain.." ("Let's eat out at Naaz") and I couldn't help but say Yes! You know you are around Naaz Hotel when the aroma of Tandoor pulls you. Naaz Hotel gives you the feeling of a typical Muslim Hotel, the aroma of tandoori Chicken, Families enjoying the tasty Murg Masalam, that o...

The Angrezi Pub, Navi Mumbai

The Angrezi Pub Logo High On Food
If you are tired of eating the usual Paneer Starter and are looking for late night partying, you should definitely head on to "The Angrezi Pub" in Navi Mumbai. But before disclosing the Starter that blew my mind away, let's take a tour of the pub. Shall we go inside? The Angrezi Pub Food that was served The food that was served at The Angrezi Pub was prepared using extreme creativity. Let us not forget the Chana Masala (Chana Zor Garam) or Chakna here. Here are some food items that ...

Pastas with a desi twist

Schezwan Cheese Pasta- High On Food
When I was 16, I was bought a famous Kashmiri dish but with a gujarati flavor. The dish tasted so bad that it made me hate that particular gujarati food. From that day onwards, I became very careful in trying fusion recipes. It doesn't imply that I hate such recipes, I am a big fan! Recently, I made a visit to the Desi Twist to explore their desi pasta and I must give Full marks to them for combining Indian and Italian Cusine so well. Here are the 5 food items Not to be missed at The Desi Tw...