Never Ending Love for Naaz Hotel

Chicken Kadai Naaz Hotel- High On Food
Some of my College rather "hostel" memories (2011 to 2013) have been closely associated with Naaz Hotel, Kurla. I remember my very first day at the Vidyavihar Hostel of Somaiya. Rai, "Chal aaj Naaz mein Chicken khaate hain.." ("Let's eat out at Naaz") and I couldn't help but say Yes! You know you are around Naaz Hotel when the aroma of Tandoor pulls you. Naaz Hotel gives you the feeling of a typical Muslim Hotel, the aroma of tandoori Chicken, Families enjoying the tasty Murg Masalam, that o...

The Angrezi Pub, Navi Mumbai

The Angrezi Pub Logo High On Food
If you are tired of eating the usual Paneer Starter and are looking for late night partying, you should definitely head on to "The Angrezi Pub" in Navi Mumbai. But before disclosing the Starter that blew my mind away, let's take a tour of the pub. Shall we go inside? The Angrezi Pub Food that was served The food that was served at The Angrezi Pub was prepared using extreme creativity. Let us not forget the Chana Masala (Chana Zor Garam) or Chakna here. Here are some food items that ...

Pastas with a desi twist

Schezwan Cheese Pasta- High On Food
When I was 16, I was bought a famous Kashmiri dish but with a gujarati flavor. The dish tasted so bad that it made me hate that particular gujarati food. From that day onwards, I became very careful in trying fusion recipes. It doesn't imply that I hate such recipes, I am a big fan! Recently, I made a visit to the Desi Twist to explore their desi pasta and I must give Full marks to them for combining Indian and Italian Cusine so well. Here are the 5 food items Not to be missed at The Desi Tw...

Mamledar Misal: A spicy experience

Mamledar Misal- High On Food
The spicy Mamledar Misal Whenever Mamledar comes to your mind, the only thing you can possibly think of is Misal- Unique, tasty and very spicy. What is Misal Pav? Misal Pav is a snack or curry consisting of misal and pav. Misal is a spicy curry made out of sprouts, Mutter, chick pea and lots of red chillies. It is served with the "farsan," finely chopped onions, lemon and of course pav. What exactly is the experience when you eat Misal Pav at Mamledar's ? Misal Pav is usually served at ...

Hotel Ramashray! All the Way from South to Mumbai- Breakfast Place in Mumbai

Rasam Vada at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food
Ramasharay needs no introduction. Situated right opposite Matunga station on the East Side, the place is very easy to find. I reached at this place today morning for breakfast at 11 am. I had to wait for around 20 minutes, and that tells you how famous this place is. The ambience is a typical South Indian joint and it adds to the experience. The sitting arrangement inside is of a typical Udipi Center and as soon as any table gets empty or even half empty, they make you sit there. It's ...

Eat Something cool, Have fresh Salad & Fruit this summer!

Watermelon and mint- High On Food
The heat has taken a toll on everybody. Kids, working people, non-working people, everybody feels the heat! Why not try some salad and fruits! 1) WaterMelon and Mint Here's the magic trick: To enjoy watermelon, they need to really chilled! Add some fresh mint leaves, lemon and Chat Masala. Money Back guarantee if you don't like them! 2) Sprouted Moong Salad The sprouted moong is a very healthy option. It's as easy as 123. To make sprout, first of all, you need to keep the mo...

The road less traveled in North Goa- 8 Must Visit Places in Goa Calangute, Baga, Vagator, Arambol, Anjuna, Fort Aguda, Fort Chapora & Sinquerim Beach

Arambol Beach High On Food
Yes, the road less traveled...   If you want to enjoy in Goa, don't be just confined to your hotel room. There are lots of places to explore and of course, GOOD FOOD! Infantaria: Your visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to this place. It's a small place, Awesome ambience and extremely good food. I was told by many people not to skip this place and I didn't. I ordered a Mini English Breakfast which contained: Fried Eggs, Heinz baked Beans, bacon, English Sausage, Toas...

White Pasta and 5 unknown facts about Italian Cuisine

White Pasta High On Food
White Pasta I have had this in my mind from a long long time! Pasta! With this recipe, I am also going to share 5 unknown facts about Italian Cuisine. Boiling the Pasta 1) Italians are very particular about pasta if it is properly cooked or not. So, according to old Italian tradition, to check if the pasta was cooked or not, they used to throw it (spaghetti) against the wall and If it stick, the pasta was considered as cooked properly. I am using Spirali pasta, just because of its sha...

The real and authentic Kashmiri Dumaloo ! Warning: This will make you feel hungry

Kashmiri Dum aloo High On Food
The real and authentic Kashmiri Dumaloo ! Warning: This will make you feel hungry So, A lot has been talked about the famous Kashmiri Dum aloo. Some say you put onions. Some famous chefs go around and "teach" you to cut the potato in two halves. Well, if that is the case, I don't think they are cooking it in authentic style or simple they aren't cooking the Dum aloo. It all starts when I was a kid. As a kid, I would observe my mom boiling potatoes. I mean they must be around 25 potatoes in a...

Minced Meat inside Karela! The Kashmiri Cuisine you never had!

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food
For some of the readers, Karela is also called Momordica charantia or Bitter melon. Karel Mas is the Kashmiri name of the dish. For those who have been thinking about its possibility, It is possible and it's AWESOME. Karel Mas has the memories of late 2006 when my dad bought Karelas of small size. It made me think why did he bought them of such small size. So I went and asked him. He replied and I still remember the exact wordings, "Aaz ha banavo Karel Mas" (We will cook Minced Meat and...