Bachpan ke din aur Nutri Chawal

Nutri Chawal High On Food
Its a warm afternoon in Jammu. Chiki is lying like a sloth bear, not barking. We are all gathered on the veranda. My childhood friend, Kannu and I, are as usual playing our favorite sport Cricket, where he is imitating Australia and I, India. Rama Aunty brings the aromatic nutri chawal. We both leave our bat and bowl and run towards the veranda but are being stopped because we are all covered in dirt and mud. We don't bathe, we just clean feet and hands within 30 seconds and reach the veranda ba...

Tale of two chole

tale of two choles High On Food
Today's lunch was a different one. On your left (The one with red-brown curry) The chole in the left side of the plate are red brown in looks. These are made with the usual conventional punjabi method of cooking. However, red dominates the brown mainly because of the red mirchi powder used. To get that authentic and original brown-black color, we use tea bags (or tea water). This is in line with the chole made in Jammu. Again, Jammu styled chole found on the streets have dollops of ghee an...

Night of the Yech

Khecher Khichdi High On Food
It was late evening around 9 tonight, when I entered the main hall. I was welcomed with a rich aroma of Khecher (khichdi). Mom finished cooking Khichdi (with moong dal) and roganjosh. Monj Anchar (kohlrabi pickle) looked delicious. We were all ready to perform an ancient Kashmiri ritual, Khich Mavas. Khichdi is served with radish and cooked meat and is offered to Yech, usually kept on the roof. Vegetarians make khichdi with Nedur Churma (fried lotus stem chips) and/or spicy potatoes. Thi...

5 of the best Street Foods in Jammu that you must try

Gulgule in Jammu - High On Food
It breaks my heart! As if no one cares about it. The reason that I am heart broken and sad is all because of lack of promotion of Jammu Food. Everybody who comes to enjoy his vacation in Jammu and Kashmir usually plan for Katra, Vaishno Devi and Srinagar of course! So, tourists hardly get a chance to explore the local food of Jammu. Luckily, I have lived in Jammu for good time now and possibly covered most of the street food ( Ofcourse, I have not! I am still hungry) Jammu has variet...

The Lost delicacy of Jammu and Kashmir, Kanaguchhi Morel Mushrooms

Kanaguchhi Morel Mushrooms Detailed View 2- High On Food
When enquired at a local Dry Fruit Store in Jammu about Guchhi Mushrooms, the shopkeeper gave me a raised eyebrows look as If I asked his ATM Pin Number. Next what happened: He called his most reliable employee, handed him the key and told to bring the white envelope bag from the cupboard. Then he rubs the Chirag and pulls out the mushrooms. "Achcha lagta hai aajkal ke Young log ye sab kharidte hain"  (Feels good when young people like you ask for such stuff) The Shopkeeper was delig...

The real and authentic Kashmiri Dumaloo ! Warning: This will make you feel hungry

Kashmiri Dum aloo High On Food
The real and authentic Kashmiri Dumaloo ! Warning: This will make you feel hungry So, A lot has been talked about the famous Kashmiri Dum aloo. Some say you put onions. Some famous chefs go around and "teach" you to cut the potato in two halves. Well, if that is the case, I don't think they are cooking it in authentic style or simple they aren't cooking the Dum aloo. It all starts when I was a kid. As a kid, I would observe my mom boiling potatoes. I mean they must be around 25 potatoes in a...

Minced Meat inside Karela! The Kashmiri Cuisine you never had!

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food
For some of the readers, Karela is also called Momordica charantia or Bitter melon. Karel Mas is the Kashmiri name of the dish. For those who have been thinking about its possibility, It is possible and it's AWESOME. Karel Mas has the memories of late 2006 when my dad bought Karelas of small size. It made me think why did he bought them of such small size. So I went and asked him. He replied and I still remember the exact wordings, "Aaz ha banavo Karel Mas" (We will cook Minced Meat and...

Refreshing & Pure Kashmiri Kahwah with Almonds and Saffron in Khosa

Kehwa Tea High On Food
Refreshing & Pure Kashmiri Kahwah with Almonds and Saffron in Khosa When it comes to Kashmiri tea, you all hear about Kashmiri Kahwah. Refreshingly awesome, light and royal in its taste. What exactly is Kashmiri Kahwah? Kahwah is primarily consumed by Kashmiri people during breakfast and evening time. It is best enjoyed as a light brew. It contains the kahwah leaves, almonds, Saffron, Cardamom(elaichi) and Cinnamon(dalchini) After boiling water to its full, the kahwah leaves are pu...

Some of the Elegant Kashmiri Utensils. Royal & Beautiful

Kashmiri Bowls High On Food
Some of the Elegant Kashmiri Utensils. Royal & Beautiful Take a look at one of the most beautiful Vessels of all time. These beautiful vessels are made of Copper. The inner side is polished with Silver. (Kalai- for Kashmiri audience) "Sabji ka taste kuch alag hi ho jata hai", I would tell this to everyone. Here are some more pictures:   I could only take one picture of the vessel. However, it's a complete Dinner Set which weighs around 40 kilos and costs ...