Winters and Gulab Jamuns

gulab jamun jammu High On Food
When it comes to sweet, visuals of extreme sweet strike me. I begin thinking of sweet all around, sweet lunch, sweet breakfast, sweet dinner, sweet skies and that irritates me and I have this feeling, "Yikes! That's too much sweet!" And this holds true for all the sweets, I can't have more than one, maximum two. But when it comes to Winters, it reverses. Just like Jammu becomes the winter capital, I become the sweet glutton. I actually start enjoying the sweet delicacies. Gajar ka halwa or Ga...

Night of the Yech

Khecher Khichdi High On Food
It was late evening around 9 tonight, when I entered the main hall. I was welcomed with a rich aroma of Khecher (khichdi). Mom finished cooking Khichdi (with moong dal) and roganjosh. Monj Anchar (kohlrabi pickle) looked delicious. We were all ready to perform an ancient Kashmiri ritual, Khich Mavas. Khichdi is served with radish and cooked meat and is offered to Yech, usually kept on the roof. Vegetarians make khichdi with Nedur Churma (fried lotus stem chips) and/or spicy potatoes. Thi...

Eat Something cool, Have fresh Salad & Fruit this summer!

Watermelon and mint- High On Food
The heat has taken a toll on everybody. Kids, working people, non-working people, everybody feels the heat! Why not try some salad and fruits! 1) WaterMelon and Mint Here's the magic trick: To enjoy watermelon, they need to really chilled! Add some fresh mint leaves, lemon and Chat Masala. Money Back guarantee if you don't like them! 2) Sprouted Moong Salad The sprouted moong is a very healthy option. It's as easy as 123. To make sprout, first of all, you need to keep the mo...