5 of the best Street Foods in Jammu that you must try

It breaks my heart!

As if no one cares about it.

The reason that I am heart broken and sad is all because of lack of promotion of Jammu Food.

Everybody who comes to enjoy his vacation in Jammu and Kashmir usually plan for Katra, Vaishno Devi and Srinagar of course! So, tourists hardly get a chance to explore the local food of Jammu. Luckily, I have lived in Jammu for good time now and possibly covered most of the street food ( Ofcourse, I have not! I am still hungry)

Jammu has variety of local food to offer. The hawkers, someone near the school, behind a bus stand, beneath a tree- all these places offer the best street food.

Here are some of the street foods of Jammu that one must definitely try:-

1) Kaladi Kulcha

The most tasty and legandary food of Jammu is undoubtedly, Kaladi Kulcha! Not to be mistaken as Mozzarella. Also known as Maish Krej (in Kashmiri). It is an authentic Dogra Cuisine Cheese and usually prepared out of cow milk or sometimes goat also.

Kaladi tastes like Paneer, Cheese with a bit of sourness towards the end.

Here’s how the Kulche Wala prepares Kaldi Kulcha it:

Step 1:

Making Kaladi Jammu- High On Food

Step 2:

Preparing kaladi - High On Food

Step 3:

Final touches Kaladi Kulcha Jammu- High On Food

Step 4:

Kaladi Kulcha Jammu - High On Food

Have a bite of Kaladi Kulcha and enter into the world of absolute ecstacy. This beats Burger King and Mc Donalds anyday. You can definitely claim that you are High On Food when you have a bite of it.

2) Gul Gule:

I used to feel very joyous about it when a vendor would shout Gul gule. The name itself sounds very dramatic as something is going to happen in your stomach when you eat it.

For a long period of time in my child hood, I used to think that some magic will happen in my stomach.

Unluckily I grew up and the Magic stopped.

Gulgule in Jammu - High On Food

The best part about Gulgule is that they are very healthy because they are made out of Chickpeas.

Gulgule with Chutney in Jammu- High On Food

Gul gule is always served with Mooli and imli ki chutney.

3) Kachalu:

Kachalu is the favorite food of Jammu.

Kachalu or Sweet Potato available on the streets of Jammu contains Chilli Powder, Freshly grounded Pepper, Sweet Potato and jamiri.

Roongi used for Kachalu or Sweet Potato- High On Food

Fresh Roongi ready to go in Kachalu

Jamiri is also referred as Wild Lemons and are enormous in size as compared to a normal lemon. Seeing lemons that big made me curious as to what exactly it is! I asked the vendor if we could use a normal lemon instead of jamiri since it won’t be available everywhere. His reaction was,”No! No! No! Jamiri only.”

Jamiri used for Kachalu or Sweet Potato - High On Food

The infamous Jamiri of Jammu

The Kachalu wala took a sweet potato and sliced it into pieces onto a ceramic bowl. Then he added some pepper, chilli powder, salt and jamiri. And Finally mixed them together to produce a quick light snack.

Making Kachalu or Sweet Potato Jammu - High On Food

A Pure delight in just Rs. 10

Kachalu or Sweet Potato Jammu - High On Food

4) Cholle Naan:

I have tried all possible ways to prepare Cholle and Rajma the way Jammuites make. In Case Of Rajma, I am very close but If you ask me about Cholle, I am not. Go to any small shop street side and ask for Cholle Chawal or Cholle naan, the taste of Cholle will be heavenly.

I have asked many people about the spices they use, they all tell me, “It’s all normal masala”

Quick Tip for Food Bloggers: In cases like these when you don’t understand the recipe, don’t stop, just keep eating and Enjoy the Moment”

You will understand someday. Even Khurana discovered the main ingredient of “Khurana Wala Chicken” in “Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurana” bollywood movie.

Naan Jammu - High On Food

Can’t ask for Naan to go any better than this. Well Stuffed with butter on top and all ready for a great grub.

Cholle and Naan Jammu- High On Food

5) Cholle Chawal and Rajma Chawal:

The place where I always eat Cholle and Rajma Chawal is located in Purani Mandi, right adjacent to the temple there. A small street side food joint was discovered by me three years ago. The place serves Rajma Chawwal, Cholle Chawal, Aloo Tikki and Kulcha.

Rajma Chawwal and Cholle Chawal at Purani mandi Jammu - High On Food

Cholle Chawwal at Purani Mandi Jammu - High On Food

Cholle Chawal

Rajma Chawwal at Purani Mandi Jammu- High On Food

Rajma Chawal

Rajma, Chawal and Mooli all mixed go so heavenly inside. Mooli in Jammu is comparatively sweet than mooli of other regions. It is the simplicity which makes the food so rich and delicious.

and finally the local chutney of Jammu that is highly ignored…

Anardana Chutney:

There has to be a separate blog post on this chutney because of its taste, usage and uniqueness. No other tangy chutney can match its level. Its a deadly combination of anardana seeds, green chillies, mint and coriander.

Anardana Chutney Jammu- High On Food

Anardana Chutney is usually served with Sliced Onions.

Jammu is called City Of Temples and outside these temples, sit the artists of food. Next time when you plan for a trip to Jammu and Kashmir, keep one day for eating out.

One Quick Tip: Don’t schedule your trip in summers, schedule it in winters.

25 thoughts on “5 of the best Street Foods in Jammu that you must try

  1. Harvinder Verma says:

    Great insight…

    1. Samvit Kher says:


  2. Dr Bharti says:

    Nice presentation…hope you add more.

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Thanks Dr. Bharti. Always hungry for more.

  3. SV says:

    A few things that should have made the list – Dabbe kulche, chole puri (babli or kaka halwai – the city is still divided) dabare, halwa at city chowk in the morning, sardar ki kulfi

  4. SV says:

    A few things that you missed- Dabbe kulche, chole puri (babli or nikka or pahalwan – the city is divided), sardar ki kulfi, kebabs from panjbakhtar road, dabare (kachchi chowni or lakhdata bazaar),

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Hi Shradha,

      Apologies for the late reply.

      Thanks for submitting your honest feedback and suggesting me places to devour. That’s the beauty of it. There were always be more places to explore and discover.


      1. Brijesh Maini says:

        You just made my day.
        I am too far away to eat all these blissful and tasty food of my Jammu.
        All i can feel the taste from your experience

        Allo tikki wala kulcha is one to die for and one kulche wale uncle who sits under the tree in Shalimar Road.

        Also, wazwaan on Residency road and kashimiri rotis for breakfast in the morning!!!!! WOW!

  5. Ruhi says:

    You have missed some stuff…. Kimb chat in front of Parade college. .. it is seasonal…. and hope still available. …

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Hi Ruhi. I did search for Kimb but couldn’t find them. Hope I find them when I visit Jammu next time.

    1. Samvit Kher says:


  6. Ashfina says:

    Great Blog with local insight… would defo visit these places on my trip to J&K 🙂

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Thank you Ashfina for your kind words.

  7. Ratika says:

    Shall keep your suggestions in mind when i’m in Jammu next.

    Though have tried most of them, except the Kaladi Kulcha.

    Thank you

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Thanks Ratika. Looking forward to a great post.

  8. Rahul gupta says:

    You try allu tikki in shalamar chowk near pnbbank r.n pura lane its yummy ta

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Will surely give it a try Rahul. Thanks 🙂

  9. Preete Raina says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really need this kind of presentation. Now i can try Kachalu at my home 🙂 ….. very big thanks to u @Samvit Kher

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Hi Preete,

      Thanks for spending your time on my blog. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  10. ishita kour says:

    how to fry kaladi

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Hi Ishita/Seeksha,
      Put some oil on the pan. Take the kaladi, sprinkle some salt on it.Keep the kaladi as it is for a moment. Ensure the flame is medium. Take a medium sized flat spoon and squeeze it. Flip and squeeze again. You will notice the cheese spreading around edges. If you are mixing kaladi with something else, don’t add salt as kaladi itself is salty and you did add at the beginning. Hope it helps.

  11. Mona Bhatia says:

    Hi Samvit,great listing but it would b really helpful if u could also tell us d best places to sample these dishes….

  12. Shalini says:

    Yum you had me drooling at malaria kulcha. And the kachalu…And that taste of rongi u never find anywhere else…Anardane ki chutney….Mama!!!!!! I want to go back…

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Hi Shalini,
      I am glad that I could do so.

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