Minced Meat inside Karela! The Kashmiri Cuisine you never had!

For some of the readers, Karela is also called Momordica charantia or Bitter melon.

Karel Mas is the Kashmiri name of the dish. For those who have been thinking about its possibility, It is possible and it’s AWESOME.

Karel Mas has the memories of late 2006 when my dad bought Karelas of small size. It made me think why did he bought them of such small size. So I went and asked him. He replied and I still remember the exact wordings,

Aaz ha banavo Karel Mas” (We will cook Minced Meat and Karela today)

Obviously I was excited in knowing how we will cook and most importantly about eating this. Karela used to be most non-favorite dish of all. I never used to like it. But mutton inside karela, why not!

So, the way you start is you clean the contents of the karela inside. Remove the seeds so that there is enough space for filling Karela. Okay, Now what you do is you put Minced meat inside.

For minced meat, make sure it is properly minced, it has Red Chilli powder and all the other spices mixed well.

And the magic begins…

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food

Step 1- Filling the meat inside Karela

This is the most special and memorable part of the preparation.

As you must have noticed, there are almonds also. So at the time of filling meat, you put one almond inside. You can also put Kaju or Cashew nuts. Meat is filled, almonds is kept as a surprise inside Karela.

“Dad,  the Mutton would come outside. I don’t think it will work.”

“Wait! and look!”

He bought the white thread to wrap it from outside so that the contents don’t come out of the Karela and I was amazed.

I was amazed, excited and started thinking about Food. I mean who would have thought that a thread will be used in cooking.

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food

Step 2- Wrapping the Karela

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food

Step 3

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food

Step 4

Try this at your home. It will be memorable. Now onwards the process is same and simpler. Now, we make the famous Kashmiri Tadka. Click here to know more about it (Opens in a new window)

Cook it on a low to medium flame for 1 hour.

Karel Mas is ready 

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela High On Food

Karel Mas- Minced Meat inside Karela

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