Refreshing & Pure Kashmiri Kahwah with Almonds and Saffron in Khosa

Refreshing & Pure Kashmiri Kahwah with Almonds and Saffron in Khosa

When it comes to Kashmiri tea, you all hear about Kashmiri Kahwah. Refreshingly awesome, light and royal in its taste.

What exactly is Kashmiri Kahwah?

Kahwah is primarily consumed by Kashmiri people during breakfast and evening time. It is best enjoyed as a light brew. It contains the kahwah leaves, almonds, Saffron, Cardamom(elaichi) and Cinnamon(dalchini)

After boiling water to its full, the kahwah leaves are put into it. Don’t boil it to the extreme. Otherwise all the color and the presentation will go for a toss. Kahwah leaves are grinded for the best taste. Traditionally, they are grinded in a Wokhul. Wokhul is a small or big vessel made of stone which is used to grind all kinds of things inside.

Almonds are grinded and put in a Kenze Khos. Khos is made of Brass or Copper and the Kenze is the stand for Khos as you can see in the picture.

Some strands of saffron are also put to give it a more enhanced taste. Cardamom and very small amount of Cinnamon powder are used for the rich flavor.

After the tea is made, it is carefully put into the Khos. 

Kehwa Tea High On Food

Kashmiri Kehwa inside Khos. Khos is the cup and it is made of copper or brass

The actual traditional method of preparing Kahwah is in a Samovar. Samovar will be covered later in the future posts.

You will also observe a kashmiri Snack besides the tea or Taktich. Taktich is a traditional Kashmiri bakery product which is primarily consumed with the tea.

P.S. Wikipedia says that Kahwah is one of the Green Tea. I might disagree with it because somehow I feel that there is a slight taste difference between them.

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5 thoughts on “Refreshing & Pure Kashmiri Kahwah with Almonds and Saffron in Khosa

  1. ashish says:

    Bhai kabhi khila bhi Dena!!!

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Aap aao toh sahi:) Thanks for the response 🙂

  2. Jay Maniar says:

    Well i came across this word ‘kahwah’ for the first time wen i watching this muvi called “mission kashmir” ! Always wanted to try it once out of curiosity but since i live i mumbai, we get oly “cuttings” here, no kahwah..its like either u prepare or u really explore..both needs efforts :p However the way u hav described, badam, elaichi, kesar n all..well..seems a bit like royalty!! My curiosity has jus shot up..and kahwah wud b on my list wen i go for my vacation at kashmir this november 😉 keep posting !!

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Will get High on Kahwah soon 😉

  3. Mukesh Singh says:

    Reading the post itself increases my appetite to have the tea . Definitely m gonna make it at home becoz , it will not only be tasty but also healthy , to keep you fit in winter(yeah its winter at sydney). Thank you for sharing this nice receipe .

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