Hotel Ramashray! All the Way from South to Mumbai- Breakfast Place in Mumbai

Ramasharay needs no introduction. Situated right opposite Matunga station on the East Side, the place is very easy to find.

I reached at this place today morning for breakfast at 11 am. I had to wait for around 20 minutes, and that tells you how famous this place is. The ambience is a typical South Indian joint and it adds to the experience.

Hotel Ramashray Matunga - High On Food

The sitting arrangement inside is of a typical Udipi Center and as soon as any table gets empty or even half empty, they make you sit there. It’s kinda unique experience to sit among strangers and listening to them talking, ” Oh you should definitely try Dosa here, Pineapple Sheera, Idli, Mendu Wada…”

Here is the list of Must Try items at Hotel Ramashray:

Mysore Onion Rava Dosa

Mysore Onion Rava Dosa at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

Say bye-bye to the commercial dosas that you eat every day because this is prepared exceptionally well. If you are at Ramashray, don’t miss out on this item!

Price- Rs. 61 

Happiness- Unlimited

Rasam Vada

Rasam Vada at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

If you are a big fan of Rasam, then you got to taste it. The rasam is prepared quite authentically. Rasam is full of antioxidants and will help you reduce weight. It is must try for people who can have Rasam anytime of the day.

Price- Rs. 35 

It’s worth it!

Idli Pudi

Idli Podi at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

This particular dish should be made compulsory because this one won today’s “Man Of The Match” award. This will erase your notions of Idli being not so soft because it’s  is super soft. What makes it more interesting is the masala and a small portion of Ghee spread on top of idli.

Price Rs. 30 

Highly Recommended!

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada at Hotel Ramsharay - High On Food

This particular item caught my attention when I was entering the restaurant and looking at the presentation, I was ought to order the Dahi Vada. You know they say “you should eat what everyone’s’ eating” I should have thought of it. Since the dish was kept inside refrigeration, it was quite obvious to expect it cold but it wasn’t. It’s a pretty decent item to order. Do keep in mind that the curd is slightly sweet.

Price Rs. 30

Dahi Lovers Don’t miss out!

Pineapple Sheera

Pineapple Sheera at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

Don’t count the Calories if you want to go for another round because this Sheera  has to be the “King Of Sheeras”. Yummy is the first word that comes to your mind when you take the first bite.

You can also try Chocolate Sheera, Jackfruit Sheera & Alomond Sheera. Mango Sheera  is seasonal.

Price- Rs. 40

Yummy! Let’s go for one more round

Filter Kaapi (Coffee)

Filter Kaapi (Coffee) at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

Forget Starbucks, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day. Welcome to Hotel Ramashray, eat your meal. Once your meal is completed, the manager will ask you for Filter Kaapi. Don’t say No. Have this filter Kaapi.

Must have if you are a Coffee lover.

Filter Kaapi (Coffee) at Hotel Ramashray - High On Food

Price Rs. 22

All the way from South, very light on the pocket

Now, Why don’t you all tell me your Ramashray Stories. I would love to hear them from you in the Comment Section below!

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2 thoughts on “Hotel Ramashray! All the Way from South to Mumbai- Breakfast Place in Mumbai

  1. Himanshu says:

    The prices seem too reasonable. I will try this place for sure. Keep visiting new places and enlighten us.

    1. Samvit Kher says:

      Thanks! Will keep you updated 🙂

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