Never Ending Love for Naaz Hotel

Some of my College rather “hostel” memories (2011 to 2013) have been closely associated with Naaz Hotel, Kurla. I remember my very first day at the Vidyavihar Hostel of Somaiya.

Rai, “Chal aaj Naaz mein Chicken khaate hain..”

(“Let’s eat out at Naaz”)

and I couldn’t help but say Yes!

You know you are around Naaz Hotel when the aroma of Tandoor pulls you. Naaz Hotel gives you the feeling of a typical Muslim Hotel, the aroma of tandoori Chicken, Families enjoying the tasty Murg Masalam, that one person carrying fresh tandoori rotis!

Shall we order?

The Mind Blowing Tandoori Chicken

or Naaz ka tandoori….

I have said this statement a lot of times on Social Media,”If you are hungry and are craving for some Tandoori Chicken in Mumbai, you must head on to Naaz Hotel, Kurla!”

Tandoori Chicken Naaz Hotel- High On Food

The Chicken here is prepared extremely well, the masala that is used is purely authentic.

What makes the Tandoori Chicken at Naaz Hotel standout from others is:

  • Quality of Chicken is always fresh
  • The taste has not changed a bit
  • The green “hari” chutney

Best Chicken Kadai ever

Chicken Kadai Naaz Hotel- High On Food

 The Chicken inside this this gravy isn’t our normal traditional fried chicken, it is the tandoori chicken they use. According to my stats, 75 % people love this fusion while rest seem not to enjoy it.

Enjoy this Chicken Kadai with “Naram” aur “Kadak” Tandoori Roti (Soft and Crispy).

In the end, I always order Plain White Rice and lick it to the end with the Kadai gravy. Kashmiri Hindus’ meal cannot end without Rice. Infact, we used to consume just rice once upon a time.

Naaz Ki Shaan

Naaz Ki Shaan Naaz Hotel- High On Food

Our Sunday dinners would mostly happen at Naaz Hotel. In our early visits, We would order Tandoori and kadai only. Later, we started observing people ordering this beautiful dessert. Eventually we figured out it is, Naaz Ki Shaan.

Royal as the name sounds, so royal is the dessert.

What it contains:

Ice Cream of more than 4 flavours, Matka Kulfi, Jelly, Choco Chips and loads of elegance.

Naaz Hotel is a very bad place for vegetarian people. One of my vegetarian friend ordered Paneer Tikka. Sadly, he couldn’t finish it. I also remember one occasion where my friend ended up eating a Veg Grill Sandwich because there was nothing available for vegetarians that time. The waiter infact smiled once when asked, “What’s available in the Veg?”

Murg Musalam is also one of the favorite dish at Naaz Hotel. If you are roaming nearby during morning hours, you can try Keema Pav. Its good.

Naaz is not just a restaurant for me. Whenever, I go to Naaz, I see myself and my friends enjoying dinner, laughing and NEVER SHARING the food. Hahaha!

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