The Angrezi Pub, Navi Mumbai

If you are tired of eating the usual Paneer Starter and are looking for late night partying, you should definitely head on to “The Angrezi Pub” in Navi Mumbai. But before disclosing the Starter that blew my mind away, let’s take a tour of the pub.

Shall we go inside?

The Angrezi Pub

Food that was served

The food that was served at The Angrezi Pub was prepared using extreme creativity. Let us not forget the Chana Masala (Chana Zor Garam) or Chakna here.

Chana Masala- Chana Zor Garam The Angrezi Pub High On Food

Chana Masala Snack

Here are some food items that were served at The Angrezi Pub:

Chicken Herbed Strips

Chicken Herbed Strips The Angrezi Pub High On Food

A lot of pubs and restaurants now-a-day focus on “trying too much”. What makes Chicken Herbed Strips good is the simplicity. Beautifully fried Chicken Strips served with a delicious dip.

Chow Chow Prawns

Chow Chow Prawns The Angrezi Pub High On Food

Chow Chow Prawns is one of the signature dishes of The Angrezi Pub. Finely Chopped garlic and some parrot chillies spread on the top of well prepared Prawns. Sounds mouth watering? Atul (manager) can have any this dish any time he wants! damn!

Chingari Wings Tikka

Chingari Wings Tikka The Angrezi Pub High On Food

A softer and juicy version of the classical Tandoori Chicken. As expected, the quality of chicken is well above normal standards.

Barbeque Chicken Pizza
Barbeque Chicken Pizza The Angrezi Pub High On Food

The Barbeque Chicken Pizza at The Angrezi Pub is moderately spicy. Perfect food to have with a cool mocktail or a cocktail.

Crispy Thread Paneer

Crispy Thread Paneer The Angrezi Pub High On Food

This particular dish is the one which I specifically wanted to share with you all. Crispy Fried Chicken must be included in “What You Should Order” at The Angrezi Pub. By looking at the dish, you may wonder and search for the paneer. Beneath the fried noodles lies incredibly soft paneer and it goes so well inside that you actually start wondering as to what just happened with you. Highly recommended!!!

Drinks which were served

The drinks need to be on the top of everything if you are in the pub. Food, ambiance, music and all such things look even better when you are slightly buzzed.


Drinks at The Angrezi Pub High On Food

Godfather is purely created for Whiskey Lovers. They could add an orange slice though and make the drink more interesting. But I enjoyed it. Good Morning Angrezi is a refreshing  cool cocktail which is never served at morning time 😀 42-43 degrees is slightely sour which actually works for me but clearly not meant for people who like to drink sweet.

Overall, food and drinks were well prepared and properly served.

DJ: Awesome! (plays Bollywood tracks as the night goes young)

Ambiance- Excellent!

Best Food to try- Crispy Thread Paneer/Chicken.

If you live in Navi Mumbai and would like to party, you must try The Angrezi Pub

14, Hilton Centre, Near Vijaya Bank, Plot 66, Sector 11, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai
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Note: I was invited by Nuvo Foodies @nuvofoodies and the meal was complimentary. It shouldn’t be considered as restaurant review.

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