The road less traveled in North Goa- 8 Must Visit Places in Goa Calangute, Baga, Vagator, Arambol, Anjuna, Fort Aguda, Fort Chapora & Sinquerim Beach

Arambol Beach High On Food

Yes, the road less traveled…


If you want to enjoy in Goa, don’t be just confined to your hotel room. There are lots of places to explore and of course, GOOD FOOD!


Your visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to this place. It’s a small place, Awesome ambience and extremely good food. I was told by many people not to skip this place and I didn’t.

I ordered a Mini English Breakfast which contained:

Fried Eggs, Heinz baked Beans, bacon, English Sausage, Toast 2 Slices, Butter and Jam, Fried Potato & Tomato

English Breakfast at Infantaria- High On Food

We also ordered a Cheese Burger. There’s wasn’t any extra “Infantaria Ingredient” but the quality of the burger was up to the mark. Fresh bread and good quality cheese.

or to make it even clear, the Cheese in the burger was , “Dil Khol ke

No doubts about that!

Veg Cheese Burger at Infantaria- High On Food

Curlies- Anjuna Beach

You know why you have come to Curlies. The atmosphere here is electrifying, Good Music. Oh I wish! if they could play Above & Beyond.

When Food comes to your mind at Curlies, you wouldn’t order any other thing than a pizza. For a moment, you may forget Dominos and Pizza Hut because the pizza here is mouth-watering. Nothing extravagant, just a simple Cheese Pizza prepared well.

Pizza at Curlies High On Food

Sun was settled down and the lights looked so good there.

Curlies Anjuna Beach High On Food

We were again hungry and ordered some more food. This time, I wanted to try some Goan dish and I ordered “Pork Vindaloo”


Pork Vindaloo High On Food


This dish was brought to Goa by the Portuguese and soon became a popular Goan dish often served during special occasions. Historically this Pork dish is cooked with plenty of wine vinegar and garlic. Years passed by and Goanese started adding some amounts of spice and chilli into it.


Micro Vagator

Micro Vagator? Yup, we named it Micro Vagator. When you search for Best beaches in Goa, you will surely find Vagator and there’s one more beach adjacent to it, Mini Vagator. One of our friends told us to walk right on Mini Vagator beach and cross  a small hill to find one more small beach. On reaching there, we found very less crowd, hardly 5-10 people there and hence we named it “Micro Vagator” 🙂

All we had to do was now to relax and enjoy the Sunset there, at Micro Vagator

Sunset at Micro Vagator Beach

Arambol Beach High On Food

There was peace, there was serenity. I read one poem on the internet

Do you ever watch the sunset
And just sit and think about things
Just you and the sky and darkness
Giving your thoughts some wings

Perhaps you’ve got some troubles
And don’t know what to do
Or you just plain need to get away
To spend a little time with you

Sunset beauty makes you feel as though
Your life has meaning after all
To see a sight so extraordinary
Makes you feel capable, strong and tall

It’s funny how flashes of color
Like a sunset or sunrise can inspire
It can calm your inner self a bit
It’s a scene you can never tire

The serenity gives you a chance
To put things in perspective
Life can be overwhelming at times
And a sunset can be reflective

So when the sky lights up next time
Let your gaze do some drinking
Soak up all the amazing sights
And do some sunset thinking!

-Marilyn Lott

Thank you for the Amazing Poem.
You really want to thank God when you can see these beautiful things in the world

Brittos- Baga Beach

If you are in Baga and are craving for good Food, no right take a left for Brittos! Not only this place is famous for its food, it has feeling of liveliness in it. There’s Live Karaoke!

For a moment, I thought of going but then I gave it some more thought and returned to my table. I really can’t sing.

Brittos Baga Beach High On Food

I had no idea what to order and I saw “Brittos Special Fried Chicken” on the menu and ordered.

After about 15 minutes or so, my order came and within seconds, I was in KFC. The only difference was the dipping here.

Brittos Special Fried Chicken High On Food

Nonetheless, the chicken was cooked well. So full marks to the chef.

On our last day of the trip, we managed to find some time for the breakfast and came for desserts.

Blueberry Cheese Cake & Strawberry Tart


Blueberry Cheese Cake Brittos High On Food

Blueberry Cheese Cake, Brittos

Strawberry Tart Brittos High On Food

Strawberry Tart, Brittos

Need I say more?

Some more memories from Brittos, Baga Beach

Brittos Baga Beach High On Food

Brittos Baga Beach High On Food

Brittos Baga Beach High On Food

‘Gents, Ladies’ was quite creative…

Brittos Baga Beach High On Food

Arambol Beach

The ride was long and smooth and when we reached, the ambience there was too good

Mahol, as you say in Mumbai language, would describe this place appropriately.

Our first few minutes were spent in total silence. The sitting arrangement was a fusion of Beach Side and the Classical Indian Style. This particular shack, on the Arambol Beach, won the hearts and truth to be told, it wasn’t that expensive.

We started by ordering some Fresh Greek Salad and we started to set out our expectations.

Greek Salad Arambol Beach High On Food

Greek Salad

and our expectations were met as soon as we had our first bite!

We were in the mood for Pasta. So, we ordered Arrabiata and Sea Food Pasta

Arrabiata Pasta High On Food

Arrabiata Pasta

Sea Food Pasta Arambol Beach High On Food

Sea Food Pasta

While coming back from Arambol to Calangute, I saw one interesting art work of Lord Shiva. I won’t say much, have a look:

Arambol Shiva Warning to keep clean Place - High On Food

Just look at the eyes of the mighty Shiva, so Angry! An unusual way to show, but it works, indeed!

Chapora Fort

This place is on the top of Vagator Beach. Its a 10 minute trek. Walk carefully, you might slip…

Chapora Fort Goa High On Food

One thing, we never missed in Goa was Sunset. Sunset looks stunning at Chapora.

When you reach at the top, the view from there is breathtaking!

Sunset at Chapora Fort High On Food


Samvit Kher Chapora Fort High On Food

Samvit Kher Chapora Fort High On Food

Not a “Dil Chahta Pose” !


Sinquerium Beach & Fort Aguada

Sinquerim is the first beach you’ll hit when cross the Mandovi River from Panaji. Above is The Taj Holiday Village sits overlooking the beach while the Taj Fort Aguada sits perpendicular to the beach overlooking a section of Fort Aguada.

Sinquerium Beach High On Food

To be very honest, This beach was very crowded with tourists. It’s not really a place for relaxing but is the best place for watersports, Jet-skiing, boating, parasailing. Although, we didn’t do any watersports as such.

Truth to be told, the entry to the beachis just mind blowing!

Some Fort Aguada pictures:

Fort Aguada High On Food


Fort Aguada High On Food

A walk on the Fort Aguada

Goa is one place, where you can both party as well enjoy in serenity. Its your choice, whatever suits you the most.

This trip was confined to North Goa as we didn’t have had much time. On my next Goa Post, I want to cover the entire Goa.

P.S. If you want to go cheap and by taxi, you might wanna take a Bike Taxi, its official

Bike Taxi in Goa High On Food

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