Night of the Yech

Khecher Khichdi High On Food

Monj Anchar High On Food

It was late evening around 9 tonight, when I entered the main hall. I was welcomed with a rich aroma of Khecher (khichdi). Mom finished cooking Khichdi (with moong dal) and roganjosh. Monj Anchar (kohlrabi pickle) looked delicious. We were all ready to perform an ancient Kashmiri ritual, Khich Mavas. Khichdi is served with radish and cooked meat and is offered to Yech, usually kept on the roof. Vegetarians make khichdi with Nedur Churma (fried lotus stem chips) and/or spicy potatoes. This ritual dates back thousands of years when there was hardly any population in Kashmir and Yech, the demi gods, followers of God Kuber would pay visit to every household on this very night and claim their food.

Children get fascinated with the stories of Yech.  Like how stealing his cap would make one affluent. The most exciting of all tales was the one with Yech voice, “Waye wuf” repeated two and a half times.

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